8mm Cassette to DVD

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A guide to your conversion

Your DVD will have a personal pictured chapter menu every 5- 15 minutes apart depending on the length of your cassette. We take a snapshot of your home movie and place this image on to your menu for easier navigation.

We shall also title your DVD with your description which our printer lasers this directly on to the DVD. ie Mum and Dads Holiday 1968. For an added personal touch we can place a family picture on the front of your DVD along with a title for under £3.50

Heavy Parcel? Let our DHL couriers collect these from you?

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What most companies do not mention is chapter menus. We place chapter menus along the way from 5 - 20 minutes depending on the length of your DVD. Each chapter menu shall contain a picture for easier navigation and is user friendly. .   

We will transfer your 8mm camcorder cassette and place this digitally on to a High Quality Region 2 DVD.  Whether this is Digital8 or standard we can transfer both formats.

We recommend that your cassette is under 3 hours or less on either short or long play (SP/LP) to enable us to transfer this with the highest of quality. If your cassette is over 3 hours long we shall place this on to 2 DVD's  if necessary to get the best picture free of charge.

We convert on to region 2 DVD's which shall play in all PC's and DVD throughout the UK and Europe.

When you have completed the checkout for your transfer you will be directed to the Transfer Order Form page where you can place any special instructions about your transfer, this gives you the opportunity to give your DVD a title. We do not use adhesive labels but place your text straight on to the DVD.. We also provide a personal photo of yours printed directly on to your DVD which is ideal for home movies CLICK HERE for further details


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Our friends at DHL shall collect your boxed package of cassettes
from you and deliver these to us. The cost of this personal service is £10.95 which is more reliable than Royal Mail and Parcelforce

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